Watch Live 1 News Malaysia Online Streaming

Watch Live 1 News TV Malaysia Online Streaming TV broadcasting in Malaysia is supplied by Malaysian authorities and various private broadcasting businesses. Malaysian government is dedicated to offer digital television to each home in Malaysia from end-2016.

Television stations in Malaysia can be found in High-definition or HD criteria through pay TV providers. Local TV channels have the ability to give HD criteria feed when the digitalisation of television broadcast process is finished. Some local TV stations are already broadcasting displays in HD for particular events since 2008.

Malaysian television broadcasting has been released on 28 December 1963. There are now 8 nationwide free-to-air terrestrial television channels in Malaysia and two national pay subscription tv channels in Malaysia.

From eight television stations, four of them are offered in East Malaysia, along with another four are available just in West Malaysia.
Transmissions at Malaysia were gruesome until 28 December 1978. First stereo sound broadcasting was released in 1985 by TV3.
Five from eight stations don't have 24-hour program.

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