Watch Bernama TV Malaysia Online Live Streaming

Watch Bernama TV Malaysia Online Live Streaming Bernama News Channel, also called BNC,is a 24-hour global news and current affairs television system in Malaysia. This station airs news programs which are associated with local and global business, lifestyle, entertainment and sports. It's broadcast over the Astro satellite tv platform through Channel 502, HyppTV through Channel 410 (formerly channel 120, before April 2013) and also the Nice TV IPTV-based network through Channel 12.

The information content on this station is largely broadcast in Malay, that's the official language of Malaysia. About 25 May 2016, this station went to a significant re-brand, re-branding itself since Bernama News Channel (BNC).The re-branding practice contains the shifting of this ID, logo and color scheme of this station. This shift will even let BNC develop initial programmes such as magazines, documentaries and individual interest programming, along with information, to appeal to its multi-level crowd.

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