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Television as Modern Lifestyle, Television is one thing that can’t be separated from modern lifestyle. It considered as the windows of information. Young to adults love to watch television. Why they so into television? It is sure because there are many programs that are broadcasted in Television. From news to comedy the television provide the programs. Television is most popular tools in the world. In each country there are many channels that offer several of programs. For example, in Indonesia we have SCTV, RCTI and other national TV stations. In Korea, there are KBS TV,SBS TV and many more. And in Malaysia there is a channel named Mara TV Malaysia.
Those TV channel has own programs. Each Channel has more than one program that broadcasted every day. For example SCTV in Indonesia has news program, comedy, music program, reality show even talk show. The program the channel have actually based on the market interests and the environment or condition of the country. Other example is Mara TV Malaysia that has many programs, from news, music program and even a religious program. The channels usually have a signature program that only the channel can do.

Moreover, Television is also giving us much information from all over the world. We are able to know the news from other country just by watching TV. The TV channels always offer us a world news program. Either the program was stand alone or it becomes a section in other news program. The world news program is one of the most favorite programs from all channels because it gives the viewers more information about what is happening around the world. There are also many channels that provide the world news program in every channel. For example there are TV one in Indonesia, KBS world News in Korea and Mara TV Malaysia in Malaysia.

From those facts above, we can conclude that Television is one of the most popular and have an important role in modern lifestyle. Through the Television we can get a lot of information, entertainment even experience. There also a lot of program that the channels provide for the viewers in all over the world. There are channels that provide worlds programs such as TV one, Metro TV, KBS World and Mara TV Malaysia. They are targeting on the local and international viewers. Bust mostly the channel can be enjoy by the TV cable or online TV. What about you? Are you agree that we can live without Television?