TV1 Malaysia Online Live Streaming

TV1 Malaysia Online Live Streaming It's totally free to broadcast public Malaysian people station based by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. RTM TV 1 Malaysia is among the oldest stations in Malaysia broadcast 22 hours transmission from 21 August 2012. Tv1 shared with the applications using TV Pendidikan (Education TV) in 1972- 1994.

Singapore television channel had functioned together with TV1 as sister station. However, in 1965 both of these systems are separated from one another. Originally, it broadcast just in the evenings. In December 1978 TV1 started transmitting in color.

The title of this TV1 transformed into Rangkaian Pertama in 1969 that utilized until 1978. Since 1978 -1999 it's given title RTM 1. In February 1990 and sister station TV2, it had been renamed as TV1. In 2006 the title has been reverted as TVM 1. The station also has different slogans previously; recently is Mewarnaimu (Colours You) that can be used from January 2013 to nevertheless. The station has a high number of audiences in India, China and other nations.

Presently, TV1 broadcasts 24 hours per day by 21 August 2012 onwards. TV2 lasted broadcasting TV Pendidikan before the end of 1999. Singapore had its own tv channel that surfaced only ten months before. It was a part of TV Malaysia and functions as a sister station to TV1. Both networks separated later Singapore left the federation a couple of years after. During its initial years, it was broadcast in the evenings, with day broadcasts for colleges (below the TV Pendidikan banner) debuting at 1972.

TV1 began broadcasting in colour since December 1978 at Peninsular Malaysia and 1980 at Sabah and Sarawak only in time for Hari Merdeka, also has been officially renamed RTM1.

On 1 February 1990, together with its sister station, TV2, the station was renamed TV1, to match their principal rival, TV3. The title was reverted to RTM1 in 2006, subsequently reverted to TV1 at 2009. The motto 'Saluran Informasi was released in 2009 and after about 1 February 2013, the current motto, Mewarnaimu was released as a member of TV1's revamp within their idents and within their own programming.

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