Bathtubs are not only the complement for the bathroom anymore, but it also has been essential furniture at all kinds of homes. Bathtubs are the best place for the dwellers to play with water, pampering their body, feeling the flashback when they were a child, giving the perfect relaxation after tiring days, and even giving romantic senses for the newlyweds. Truly amazing moments, right?

Many brands of bathtubs in this world have developed their own models to be chosen by every homeowner. Some of them are American Standard bathtubs, Kohler Bathtubs, and Porcher Bathtubs. Each of them has its own standard of bathtubs. Perhaps, you have known, but let’s see the general function of bathtubs aside from those brands.

Bathtubs are the symbol of luxury, elegance, modern furniture at home. Various bathtubs are designed and marketed through all over the world. If you can’t find what you are looking for, internet is the best connector that will make you connect with the top designers of bathtubs around this universe.

Today, in modern or classic homes, installing more than just one bathtub is a common lifestyle. You just have to see your budget, your need, and your space. It can be denied that budget handles important role in choosing bathtubs. Here are some considerations in selecting bathtubs.

The color of bathtubs is not too much influence the restroom, but still you have to adjust it with the accessories and fixtures you have.

The size of the bathtubs is more important. People sometimes thought that having big bathtubs are the best. That is not totally needed. What if you have small bathroom? Will you keep installing it? Regular-sized of bathtubs is more economical and efficient to be set in any kind of restroom. Overall, the basic function of bathtub is giving the dweller best service while using it.