Air conditioner gives a lot of influence to human activities all over the world. People use it to keep their houses, offices, cars, shops, and many public areas feel comfortable, cold and fresher. For a long time ago, air conditioner is often designed in window air conditioner attached on the walls. Recently, technology of portable air conditioner increases for some purposes, not only for saving-energy, saving-cost, but also for saving the earth from dangerous CFC. So, the technology of portable air conditioner is the best choice for people who have a lot of mobilization.

You can use a kind of portable air conditioner everywhere because it is designed easy to move. The portable air conditioner has light weight with stylish shapes. It tries to change the using of CFC into some Eco-friendly materials, so it does not support for the global warming. Long times ago, people use air conditioner that release a lot of CFC into the air, the CFC gives a lot of reaction to the air because it will react with the Ozone and a gas to protect the earth from the dangerous direct sunlight.

The evolution for air conditioner is not only for the shapes, technologies, and materials. You can use a portable air conditioner when you are driving a car, or when you are reading a book in the living room. You can bring it and move it.

Portable air conditioner tries to adopt whirlpool technology to make it useful for cooling the air with saving-energy. It is suitable for your mobile activities. During the last ten years, portable air conditioner become simpler and stylish. It also offers some chic and bright colors.