Modern architecture is known as the most modern lifestyle in this century. A house will not seem interesting if it does not apply modern architecture outside. Most of the people will say that the house has modern architecture or not, if it has modern architecture through the all spaces.

Modern architecture has values in its every side, eco-friendly, efficiency, its functions, arts, and environment. No doubt if the modern architecture becomes benchmark for homeowner to build a new home. European and American modern architecture are the most common model that used by half of the people in this world to build home. Commonly, those two types of modern architecture used up-to-date technology, modern materials, and stylistic developments.

The most of modern architecture are using classy materials such as glass, steel, even wood. To give you more explanation about modern architecture, let’s begin!

As the first step of any type of home, the front yard will be the opening of modern architecture. Give the yard some charming plants and flowers to make the modern architecture more eco-friendly. People will see it as the invitation to enter your house deeper.

Go to the next room within your modern architecture, we have living room that truly amazing. Inviting sofa designs waiting for someone to sit down there, smooth rugs make the legs refuse to move away, incredible windows with its vertical blinds offer the beautiful view outside the room, classy hanging lamps on the charming ceiling, glossy recessed lighting design adds the intimate of modern architecture you have through the whole spaces of magnificent living room design, and unique cabinet designs which show the amazing collection of yours framed so interesting.

Modern architecture is not just living room, but there are still bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms. See these amazing modern architecture’s photos, and find out what is your favorite architecture.