You have a small and narrow living room, so you feel shame if there are guests who visit your home. This should not be a problem. There are some tips for modern living rooms design for a small space.

To design the living rooms does not require a large space. Narrow or small space can be changed to a luxurious and comfortable room. You can use a modern concept for your living rooms. The living room is one room that is used not only to accept your guests, but we are also able use as a family room.

Modern living rooms with narrow or small space require many natural lights. You can bring the modern living rooms with an open window or area so this room will feel more spacious.
In designing the modern living rooms, choose bright colors, soft, or neutral so that your modern living rooms that are narrow, look more spacious. This is because color can reflect light from outside into the room. Avoid using colors that collide because it can eliminate the comfortable impression.

Do not try to use a partition or a room divider. Minimize use it because a room divider only makes modern living rooms seem cramped. You can use a glass barrier or a carpet to make the room look spacious.
You must be smart in choosing furniture in modern living rooms in narrow. Usually the modern living rooms use big sofa because of the narrow size of the room you can replace the sofa size according to the size of the room or with a simple chair that still looks modern and elegant.
The use of multifunctional furniture you can also apply in the modern living rooms. It is used for storage of items so that the rooms look neat and clean. Multifunctional furniture you can hang on the wall and put in place somewhat above room so it looks becomes widespread.